My First Word Press Post

So basically, I’ve become interested in starting my own blog. Clearly. This is more for my own satisfaction rather than for anyones elses, because I’d like to record things, and explore ideas and so on.

My first thought, is how could one make a hugely intellectually stimulating game – in temrs of being educated politically in an unconventional way. Why not have a game about anti-racism, showing someone being treated unequally because of their skin colour and you play this character and attempt to create a more equal world somehow.  I don’t know, perhaps this idea lacks the necessary grenades and RPG’s for it to be entertainment.

The games I play on xbox are generally Imperialistic, and not really educational in any way apart from how much Americans boast about their destructive capacity all the time. At least Fable three is a revolutionary theme, but even then you replace the evil King with yourself, still a Monarchy, when you decide between evil and oppressive decisions or good decisions that will make you poor. I don’t know.

The reason why I’m thinking all this is because Chris my boyfriend and Matty his son are playing BanjoKazoui.  A game which is fine for children, not hugely educational either but I remembered playing it and it was sweet ^_^. But as you get older it seems games that are more suitable for you are just more brutal and revolving around war, I don’t mind but I’d prefere a few more alternatives.


About Petite Violette

"Well behaved women rarely make history." My blog will mainly revolve around politics, and other things that interest me. I will show my opinion clearly on each subject, which anyone is able to comment to challenge. Peace x
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