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Comments on Kettling:

  1. Many argued the police were punishing everyone, rather than the handful of troublemakers.
  2. Ben Mann, 24, a London University student, said: “It’s not good. It makes people more angry. I don’t understand how they have the right to hold people in one place.
  3. “It really angered people when they did this at the G20 protests. A policeman just told me this was the end of protests as we know it, which was pretty scary.”
  4. Tom, a 23-year-old Sussex University student who didn’t want to give his surname, said: “They’re trying to deter people from protesting.
  5. “They’re not accusing us of any crimes, so why have they done it? This is preventing us getting our message across.”
  6. Sophie Battams, 17, from Dagenham, Essex, said: “The kettling is causing the violence.
  7. “If you put a lot of angry people in one area, it will escalate to this.”
  8. “It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they coop people up like caged animals, they’ll act like caged animals.
  9. “It was peaceful at first, then it got violent as people wanted to make their point. I just want to go home now.

The containment tactic was first used to hold off demonstrators in Oxford Circus on Mayday 2001. It was declared legal by the House of Lords after a series of court challenges by protest groups. However,  Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) found the controversial technique did not respect the human rights of protesters.



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3 Responses to BAN KETTLING

  1. straywayward says:

    Good to read your post on student protest. Were these people interviewed by you? I escaped the kettle on 24th Nov – hope to write post about my experience when time allows. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    • Nadia Violet says:

      It was from an article I read in the Independent :). I was stuck in a kettle for a long time but also managed to get out before most people and without police abuse, apart from the usual harassment. However I was still fuming with indignation. It is the most counter-productive strategy. If we had been allowed to go to the Rally that was planned for us – which Police blocked the way to – then we would have marched there to listen to speakers etc, and then probably gone home. Kettling simply brews anger. I believe in none-violent direct action, however even I was starting to sympathise with those who do not. I still had a fantastic time though and a huge amount of fun. Yeah definitely do it, it’ll be interesting to read. You too.

      • straywayward says:

        Be good to read your eyewitness account of events. Kettling is an abuse of the Human Rights Act. Be interesting to know the outcome of Liberty’s case against the police for false imprisonment and assault on children on that day. Stay free!

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