I don’t watch TV

Apart from the news. For the simple reason, that I don’t want my mind clogged up with pointless, none-essential, none-educational, mass produced, utter shit. I don’t care about “celebrities” who are famous for their face, breasts, and/or biceps. Someone who is well-known because of their knowledge or something slightly deeper rather than physical appearance and so on – is something I may be more interested in.

The only thing I watch is the news. The most interesting news for me is RT news, and in terms of ones that are based in the UK, the BBC for me was the preferred newchannel, not that one has much choice. However, they completely fucked me off when I watched this interview of Jody McIntrye,


The interviewer is clearly, in my personal opinion, baisd in favour of the Police, and asked ridiculous questions, which Jody quite rightly owns him on and says everything that needed to be said. But this dissapoints me so much that the only british tv newstation I watch is in itself, pretty shit.
My other Hero, Tony Benn, making a fool of the BBC also :D.


About Petite Violette

"Well behaved women rarely make history." My blog will mainly revolve around politics, and other things that interest me. I will show my opinion clearly on each subject, which anyone is able to comment to challenge. Peace x
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