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Firstly can I establish that I am clearly very interested in politics. This is for a number of reasons, firstly because my whole family is a political family. That influences my and spurs on my interest in it in the first sense. I’ve taken it for A Level and currently taking it for my Degree. I’ve also been close to those who have completely different views to me which in itself has made me more interested. It is important we listen to those who have opposing opinions to us, firstly because I am a slight social constructionist – believing that the way one understands the world is historically and culturally defined.


Knowledge is bound by the culture it has been derived from, and so one should not assume that their particular perspective is the correct one. I want to further away from generic forms of analysing knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is constructed by people and between people, through language, and interaction in the duration of their lives. This is why I believe that – although it is hard – even those who have perspectives we find disgusting, we must emit efforts to interact with them. It is only though analysing all perspectives that we should conclude our own, drawing on what we find is most reasonable and just in order to have an opinion.


I am not aware of my political label. I don’t feel as if I am educated enough about any ideology, have not analysed it enough – in order to commit myself to it. All I know is that I believe in complete equality. In order to have a world where complete equality exists, we need to change our societies and cultures across the globe it seems. There is no alternative, as inequalities exist from aparant “knowledge” which has been created in society, describing one group better than another group for XY or Z reasons. This “knowledge” is constructed by that current society, and clearly indicates it needs to be changed. We most likely need to change our culture and society to eradicate inequalities, otherwise stereotypes and inequalities will continue to exist. “what exists is what we perceive to exist



About Petite Violette

"Well behaved women rarely make history." My blog will mainly revolve around politics, and other things that interest me. I will show my opinion clearly on each subject, which anyone is able to comment to challenge. Peace x
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